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Or so said Napolean Bonapart (allegedly, it’s open to doubt) and it would appear that I am now in the process of becoming one. I have been frustratingly setting up an online shop to sell my prints. Yes, I know there is eBay and Etsy, but both of these do take a large chunk of money off you for the privilege of flogging stuff. I was advised by Geoff Moore to use WooCommerce plugin on WordPress as it simplifies the whole process – does it Geoff?? Really?! I think the word ‘simplify’ should be open to a discussion.

I’m a bit taken aback by the amount of work that goes into creating “products” and the amount of information that is actually required to be supplied in order for it to work seamlessly on a website. I’m only offering prints for sale, and those on offer are of a limited range of sizes, but the process seems Byzantine.

As I have previously said in these Ruminations posts I am not a web developer at all. It does interest me, as I have been knocking up websites of various types since 1998 when I set up one for the village in which I live. I must admit to finding it difficult, and trying to conform everything to have the same style and format as the Elementor Plugin created pages is proving difficult when forced to adapt to the pre-set WooCommerce Plugin pages. A couple of plugins that provide enhanced features between WooCommerce and Elementor seem to have failed to work with the Elementor Plugin, and so I cannot customise the appearance of the shop as much as I would like to. It’s probably me, as it is all new to me and I’m not familiar with the terminology and Google and YouTube are my friend. Hopefully, all will slot into place in the next few days and make more sense, but in the meantime, I may have to resort to giving Geoff a shout. I blame him entirely!