Michael Dutson Landscape Photography

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I was born in Radcliffe, Manchester, England, in 1966. My early years were spent on the suburban/rural fringe of South Lancashire where I nurtured a love for the outdoors and the wider landscape.

Winter Mountaineering, Hillwalking and Wild Camping then became a focus for outdoor activity and there was a growing interest in capturing the mood of the wild vista’s I was experiencing. In 2014, I experienced a shift in perspective, and increasingly began to devote my attention to capturing those wild landscapes. It is a decision I have never regretted.

In 2020 I formed my own company, Pixel Pro Visuals, to create high-quality visual marketing media for the residential and commercial property industry after recognising that the current marketing provision provided in England lags far behind that offered in other similar countries such as the USA and Australia.

In addition, I work within the landscape documentary genre, filling my remaining time with self-initiated projects which provide stories about the remote places I have come to love. Notable among these places are the Lake District, Outer Hebrides, Yorkshire Dales and Isle of Skye with photography being the perfect medium to express my thoughts and experiences.

Since the mid-1990s, I have lived in a small village high up on the West Pennine Moors; a place that has become close to my heart and which remains a constant source of inspiration for my personal endeavours.