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Shiny, Shiny!….New Website

After making a start Blogging back in 2014, and enjoying it for a while (a while being about 2 years) I seemed to cease posting my musings after a holiday around various distilleries in Sconnie Botland (hic!) in late 2016. I did enjoy the creative writing process, however, the blog was primarily about walking and not photography or other general stuff. Consequently, if I didn’t go out walking, I wouldn’t have anything to post – yes, my life really is that boring, so the regularity of my postings dropped off and work got in the way of my journal entries.

Additionally, I used to post my blogs under a pseudonym which sometimes made things long-winded when explaining the name to people whom I had met. The previous blog and webpages were hosted by WordPress.com and I was being Royally shafted by them for their hosting etc. I cannot remember why I signed up to them as I’ve been building websites in various forms since 1998, so it wasn’t difficult to get hosting, log onto the hosting server via cPanel and set everything up on there. I’ll claim temporary loss of my senses!

Having started afresh with the new website, I feel I should revert to the previous practice of getting my thoughts down on paper… well, on pixels I suppose if you are wanting to be pedantic, but it is a fresh start with the creative writing and one which I am anticipating enjoying undertaking.

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