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The World’s my Lobster…

..of sorts. Still continuing the theme of the new Website, I’m happy to announce that it is pretty much completed and up and running… well, -ish.. 98% there.. some minor tweaks needed.. stuff needs changing and crossing off my list… I doubt anybody would really notice, but I have and I’m a picky fecker!

After much tearing of hair and grinding of teeth with WordPress and its various plugins, the end result looks quite good. I do like the way the pictures are represented too. Initially, I just uploaded what was in my Lightroom “Collections” but having reviewed some of the images I do think a bit of rationalisation will be required and some will get culled! Yes, sounds harsh, but I’ll refer you back to the last four words of the previous paragraph.

I do feel like I’ve now got to get some flesh on the bones of the new website, and as this “Ruminations…” section is not tied to any single subject as my previous blog was I do feel, in the words of Arthur Daly, that the World’s my Lobster.

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