Michael Dutson Landscape Photography



“The life of a landscape photographer is often a solitary journey, a constant quest for the ideal interplay of light and nature. It involves navigating through challenging terrains such as boggy moorlands and rocky scree, steadfastly advancing towards the direction dictated by the wind or the rain cascading from ominous clouds. Yet, in the midst of this pursuit, it transforms into a meditative experience, offering a rare insight into remote, untouched places free from the clamour of modern life.

Upon discovering the perfect vantage point, the photographer meticulously assembles their equipment with a deliberate slowness, harmonizing with the natural cadence of the environment they aim to capture. Each step is an attempt to encapsulate the atmosphere and essence of the location, attempting to immortalize the ephemeral interplay of wind, rain, and warmth. While the procession of seasons continues and years unfold, the landscape endures, steadfast and unaltered.

Now, seated at home atop the West Pennine Moors, the memories of these remote places linger. The interplay of photons and pixels has etched indelible recollections onto the photographer’s psyche, providing solace during moments of melancholy. Although physically distant from those landscapes, a profound connection persists – the landscape has become a part of the photographer, an enduring presence as time and tides forge ahead.”