Michael Dutson Landscape Photography




From my early years, I was always drawn to the enchanting and captivating landscapes that encompassed the great outdoors. Growing up, I found my passion in winter mountaineering, hillwalking, and wild camping, allowing me to immerse myself in the stunning natural surroundings and capture awe-inspiring moments of beauty.  It wasn’t long before I was hooked on the art of photography, which gave me the perfect outlet to express my admiration for these stunning vistas.

In 2020, this photography passion led me to found a business where I offer high-quality digital marketing media that caters to the needs of the property industry. Since then, I have not looked back, and my love of photography still drives me to new heights and adventures. 

I find myself frequently drawn to the remote and picturesque locations of the Lake District, Outer Hebrides, Yorkshire Dales, and Isle of Skye, where I can capture and narrate stories of these areas through my camera. Moreover, I continue to challenge myself with self-initiated projects, seeking out new landscapes and expanding my horizons.

Now situated in a small village nestled in the West Pennine Moors, I continue to find endless inspiration all around me; always motivating me to create and explore the stunning natural beauty of the world which surrounds us.